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Adhere to the high quality development of pharmaceutical packaging | Majesty was honored with "2022 Outstanding Committee Unit Award" of Pharmaceutical



PG电子·(中国)官方网站_公司365 Congratulation! 

Majesty has won the Outstanding Committee Unit Award for 3 consecutive years!

With the coming of the New Year, Majesty Packaging Systems Co., Ltd. has won the “2022 Outstanding Committee Unit” awarded by the Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Professional Committee of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Association. This is the third time that our company has won this honor since 2020 and 2021. This is undoubtedly the pharmaceutical packaging industry experts and colleagues’ confirmation of our company’s contribution.
Majesty has been based on pharmaceutical packaging material industry for more than 20 years, has overcome varieties of difficulties to make pharmaceutical packaging material out of nothing. The production scale is expanding and the sales are increasing. We’ve moved forward to large scale, specialization and industrialization step by step. Therefore, Majesty has become the largest domestic manufacturer of medicinal aerosol valve and medicinal pump.


Majesty always adheres to the original intention of providing customer with high quality pharmaceutical packaging products, and devotes to offer legal pharmaceutical packaging product to customers over the years. We’ve constantly expanding our research and development group, strengthening the contact with universities and enterprises, improving our capacity, actively participating the relevant pharmaceutical packaging industry conferences, enhancing the visibility in the industry, following the pace of industry development。


Majesty always follows the goal of safe and high quality in pharmaceutical packaging product, provides safe, reliable and effective products for pharmaceutical factories in need, aspires to be a reliable partner. We are looking forward to further discussions with pharmaceutical enterprises and collaborative research and development, making concerted efforts to promote the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry.


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