Establish compliance concept, practice compliance requirements and ensure compliance operation


Health and safety product solutions

We are committed to creating healthy and safe product solutions of aerosol valves, mist pumps in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and related products, and actively promoting the quality management of product life cycle, and providing quality compliance services.

  • Pharmaceutical

    We maintain close communication and cooperation with partners, ensuring that the purchase, production and sales of product manufacture chain meets the stringent specification, and provide the better pharmaceutical packaging for partners.

    -- Product life cycle regulatory policy support
    -- Product registration / record compliance support
    -- Ensure material compatibility, safety and compliance of products
    -- Change control management
  • Cosmetics

    We have been adhering to the concept of continuous improvement, practical work and innovation, constantly meeting the needs of partners in quality, cost and delivery time, providing safer and green products, protect the content free from pollution.

    -- Safety technology compliance support
    -- Microbial limit inspection and supervision
    -- Supervision of heavy metals and residual solvents
    -- REACH
    -- RoHS
  • Food

    As a supplier of food packaging, we have the obligation and responsibility to do a good job in the compliance of food packaging. Using food grade materials to create high standard products to provide guarantee for food safety.

    -- National food safety compliance support
    -- International food safety compliance support
    -- BRC compliance support
    -- REACH
    -- RoHS
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